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Flurry of Bulletstorm Screenshots

Epic’s upcoming new IP Bulletstorm, an ultra violent pulpy sci-fi FPS whose focus is on “kill with skill” and “killing in style” gameplay has a batch of new screenshots for us to ogle at over at Kotaku.

The frantic, epic mayhem is set to release in 2011 for both the PS3 and 360.


Apple Gets Thaaaat Much Better…

See Matt’s Blog post regarding his new job.

Have you been a fan of IGN’s Matt Casamassina? I have. For a long long time, I must admit. When Matt took over as the cheif Nintendo editor it was the best fit, a Nintendo fan covering all things Nintendo. His passion as a Nintendo fan lead to him being just about the only gaming journalist on the planet who defended Nintendo and their games at a time where everybody was mocking the Gamecube and treating Nintendo like a kid’s toy company.
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The Friday Post: The Care Bear Cares What You Did

Hey kids it’s Friday! That means another week is dead, and we have killed it! We may stand victoriously on its corpse, laughing, until it reanimates and gnaws off our collective legs.

It’s the first Friday we’ve ever seen here at Nightmare Mode, and that means a collection of links to blogs (some ours, some not ours):
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The Price War

Think games are too expensive? Of course you do.

Well, if you’ve been following the recent threads on Cheap Ass Gamer, you’d be aware that pretty much every game to have come out in the past year is now being sold about 10$ under market price by both Amazon and Gamestop (online only), in a price war of epic proportions.

And yes, it is good.
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IGN Previews Fallout: New Vegas; New Details Emerge

IGN has a fantastic preview on Obsidian’s upcoming title, Fallout: New Vegas. Though you should really head on over there to read the whole thing, here are some choice details which may be of interest to you fellow vault-dwellers:
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UPDATED Next Call of Duty Named

Activision has launched the official website for Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops.
Update: Joystiq is reporting that a UK retailer may have spilled the beans on the locales for Black Ops, which may include Vietnam, the Arctic and Cuba.
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“Heavy” First In Line of TF2 Figurines

Collect G.I. Joes? Fondly recall the days of constructing an elaborate showdown between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Street Sharks in your sister’s Barbie Mansion?  Does your Cobra Commander action-figure still stand stoically on your dresser in your room?

Get ready to dump their collective plastic asses to the curb to make room for the “Heavy”; a figurine based on the machine gun totting lunatic from Valve’s multiplayer gem Team Fortress 2.

The sandvich noming, Sasha loving, Ruskie, stands at 12 inches and comes in your preference of Red Team or Blu Team apparel. For those of you who always unbalance the teams just because the colour blue is so 2000 and late: breathe easy knowing that you can have it your way.

Kotaku reports that the company behind the figure, Gaming Heads, plans to release a multitude of models from the Valve universe, ensuring that Half Life 2’s Alex Vance will find herself in plenty of compromising situations with the likes of the “ G Man” and the “Pyro”, on gamers’ desks the world over.

Strut over to Gaming Heads on May 3 at 9am, cross your fingers, eat your Lucky Charms, and attempt to make a pre-order. They’re going to go like hot-cakes kids.

Head past the break for a small gallery to revel in all its statuesque glory.

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Ryota Niitsuma on Marvel Vs Capcom 3’s Controls, Mechanics, and Characters

Ryota Niitsuma tells all on G4, and by all I mean tiny tidbits of information pertaining to Capcom’s upcoming fighter Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Check out the video over at G4; details of particular interest for you, dear reader, are as follows:

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Death and Pathos: Saving the Princess

Massive spoilers included for:
-Shadow of the Colossus (everything)
-Mother 3 (Chapter 1, 2, and 6. If you’ve not played it, don’t read it. Go play it.)
-Bioshock (everything)
-Final Fantasy VII (whaddaya think?)
-Braid (ending)
-Mass Effect 2 (not specific but specific enough that you might avoid)
-Dragon Age: Origins (Ending)
-Planetfall (yes, we will even tag nonspecific spoilers in a game from 1983)

You’ve been warned.

Video games aren’t serious.  There’s a reason for this: we gamers are more interested in doing absurd things, or feeling a sense of accomplishment, than in exploring the dark, untouched places of the human psyche.  Given the choice in Grand Theft Auto 4 between a chilling, mature narrative and giving Niko a magic phone that heals him and lets him summon cars floating in the air, many players pick the latter option.  And publishers are no better.  Given the opportunity to publish one of the most intelligent games ever made, Nintendo decided Mother 3 wasn’t quite up to American standards, which means there weren’t enough explosions and too much death, not enough good guys beating bad guys and too much critique of society.

In short, we gamers are afraid of death, and developers and publishers are afraid of pushing death onto us.  There are exceptions to this rule, and these exceptions prove that interactive media could be well-equipped to deliver serious, heartfelt narratives in a way perhaps surpassing “traditional” media.

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I Can’t Love You Right Now

After a year of anticipation, I had my hands on Pokemon Heart-Gold. Unlike everyone else however, I did not have fond memories of the old-school versions.

Having played every iteration of the series since red and blue, gold and silver always seemed like the worst installment. The Pokemon were just weird, unimaginative and as a result, stupid. Don’t believe me? I’m going to prove my point in what is possibly the most irrefutable argument on the face of the planet, and I’m going to do it in a single word. Brace yourself, because I don’t think you’re ready. Really, you’re not.

Okay. Okay okay. You’re going to need to sit down.
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