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SSF4 Zero Damage

If you know what you’re doing, the things possible in this game border on ridiculous. Scrubtalk would dictate that it’s all bullshit, but it’s just balance, baby! Every move can be avoided by something else, if executed and timed correctly. Still, it’s pretty entertaining to watch things that you think would hit, but actually won’t.


The Friday Post: Absenteeism

You might have wondered, “Where has the Friday Post been? I love the Friday Post!” Well, we’ve skipped a couple weeks, because…well, because I was a little lazy. And nothing grabbed my attention.

Regardless of today not being Friday, the Friday Post is back, and…well, about the same as ever. But with links! New, precious links!

-We’ve reviewed a couple games in the past couple weeks, which you should know about. Hot as ever DLC games Limbo and Blacklight: Tango Down got some reviews from us. If you allow me to step up onto my independent blogger soapbox for a second, downloadable games are the one true avenue us independent bloggers have to make timely reviews, because major outlets pay less attention to DLC.

We’ve talked more about Limbo than other games, and we will talk more about Limbo in the future. Keep an eye out for another post on it, and our theories on how the game ends*.

-Also old, but wholly underappreciated, Fern and Graham fought it out over permadeath in Fire Emblem. One might say that the wheel of fate is turning. I wouldn’t, but you might.
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More Borderlands DLC Confirmed

Randy Pitchford said so! His exact words, as told the holy bible Twitter: “I get a LOT of questions about more DLC for Borderlands. Yes, more is coming! T2 already said so! Let’s talk soon :)” Hey used a smiley face so the man is is serious, people.

Prior to this, the General Knoxx Twitter was reactivated stating “tap. tap. is this on? had to turn my tweetergramming machine back on. just got some new orders. (sent from the future.)”

So, Archie, what does it mean?

Medal of Honor Limited Edition Comes with Battlefield 3 Beta

Praise the lord, the fabled Battlefield 3 exists! IGN is reporting that the Limited Edition of the Medal of Honor will come bundled with the Battlefield 3 beta–in addition to the extra game (for the PS3), weapons, and camo which we already know the LE will include. Not much else is known about Battlefield 3 at the moment–but it exists!

Update: EA has an official page for the Battlefield 3 beta, here. “Beta offer is contingent on Beta availability within 12 months of Medal of Honor release. Beta will be available for a limited time only and offer expires upon close of Beta events. Participation in Beta requires acceptance of Beta Agreement. Must be 18+. Xbox GOLD membership required for Xbox users. Check this site for further details when available.”

Make Sure To Catch ‘Video Games Live’ on PBS This Weekend

Video Games Live is “an immersive concert event” featuring  “top musicians from around the world perform along with exclusive video footage and music arrangements, synchronized lighting, solo performers, guitarists, percussionists, live action and unique interactive segments to create an explosive one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.”

The concerts are a “musical journey through classic gaming” which feature “never before televised live musical performances from the Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Halo, Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, God of War, Civilization, Chrono Cross, StarCraft and Guitar Hero franchises.” All of this? Just talk. Watch the trailer below to get a sense of the  unique experience:

If you’d like to know when this is airing in your town, make sure to check out the PBS TV schedule, found here.

And let me just add that if you don’t think this is a must-watch after catching a glimpse of the Civilization piece…then you, sir, are a barbarian of the lowest kind.

Medal of Honor Beta Ending July 31st For PS3 & PC, August 9th for 360

And the Medal of Honor blog thanks fans for their efforts in helping DICE produce a better game. Here are some of the fixes we can expect to see in-game once it releases:

•    Improved hit detection
•    Breath control for all classes
•    Crash fixes
•    Improved control input mapping
•    In-game HUD polished
•    All weapon stats are now updated in the spawn menu
•    Spawn points tweaked

The full game drops October 12th.

LA Noire To Defeat the Uncanny Valley

Some people will tell you that the uncanny valley does not exist. Others champion it like a knight overthrowing a dragon: a trophy to denote sweet, sweet victory. Team Bondi, the developers behind the 1950’s detective game LA Noire, claim they have “defeated the uncanny valley.”

Y’see, Team Bondi believes that making realistic human faces is a prerequisite for creating a complex investigative game. “We wanted to make a detective game,” McNamara, founder of Team Bondi, told OPM. “And a key part of that is interrogating people. If you’re going to see if somebody is lying, you have to be able to look for little poker tells, all that stuff.” p-p-p-poker face?

Of course, you can’t have a discussion about the uncanny valley without mentioning PS3 heavyweight, Heavy Rain. McNamara says that “The characters look great [in Heavy Rain], but in the terms of believability you still have to sort of suspend your disbelief and enjoy the game.”

Hmm, I don’t know–there’s something oddly perfect about the skin of the models, isn’t there? Actually, there’s something oddly perfect about the models in general–the everything has the same perfect, smooth texture. The expressions seem spot on, though.

And while it’s true you had to suspend your disbelief in Heavy Rain, it was still succesful depicting humans with a character like Scott Shelby, who looked insanely real.

Now, compare that to this:

I’m just not seeing it.

Watch 5 Minutes of Goldeneye Wii Gameplay

You’ll get to see the great briefing UI, Daniel Craig as 007, your partner, 006, improved graphics, as well as see familiar but tweaked level design. Plus many, many Russian accents. And a cover system to boot! It’s a modern game, alright.

New Pokemon Black and White trailer is long, informational

Informational if you speak fluent Japanese, at least.

And mostly information about the new contests, and the new….Pokemon flower garden. Hooray. Apparently your pokemon can live in a house, and have a garden, and Smugleaf can wear a bow on his head. I’m gushing with excitement here, and no one can accuse me of not being excited about Pokemon.

What we do have is two new pokemon! At 3:17, we get Bambi. You might say, no, shit, it can’t be Bambi! Nope. It’s Bambi. It’s FUCKING BAMBI. There is no negotiation here. It is an adorable deer. It’s probably normal type. It sucks. Oh, and speaking of normal type, at 5:25 we see the evolution of Kool Aid Raccoon, who you might recognize from my previous link. You can tell it’s an evolution because it’s got the same cancerous eyes. It’s just taller. And there’s 2 of them! Jesus Christ.

Other than that, it looks like a slightly improved HeartGold/SoulSilver. Incremental improvements, eat your heart out! We’ll keep you posted.

LittleBigPlanet Becomes Limbo

I wasn’t the hugest fan of Limbo, though some of my fellow writers really loved it. However, I would dare say I’m the hugest fan of LittleBigPlanet, and intrepid modders have combined the two into a Sackboy filled nightmare.

This LittleBigPlanet level doesn’t quite capture the atmospheric tensions of the original game, but you know what? It’s a fine job, done by some fine folks named Bra2008. I’m assuming that means s/he has 2008 bras. Or 2008 brahs. I don’t know which is more terrifying.

Check it out, anyway. I’m tempted to fire up LBP just to play this level.