New Dragon Age 2 Images Tease Relation to Grey Wardens

Released on the Dragon Age Facebook page are images that, while not outright stated to be DLC or a sequel to Dragon Age 2….well, logic would dictate that it would not be presumptuous to assume that these are most likely DLC screenshots.

“We managed to land some high rez images that Mike Laidlaw claims he “found lying around.” Are those griffins?” teases the page.

The griffins, one might recall, are the emblem of the Grey Wardens.  Notice, too, well…the fact that these look like new locations. Thank god. The question, now, then: where shall the DLC take us!?

The other two images after the jump.


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  1. looks like shit.! DA:2 Worst (rpg) ?@ ever.

  2. DA2 was so awesome. Cannot wait for anything new to play. Was a bit sad it ended so quickly.

  3. Dragon Age 2 was awful. Rather than improving on what the original dragon age started bioware downgraded. The only improvement in Dragon Age 2 was the combat system and that was ruined due to the constant grind of the same copy pasted enemies. All the maps and dungeons of Dragon Age 2 were repeated and the world felt more like a couple of rooms. The story line of Dragon Age 2 was junk and the protagonist pissed me off. The game is super linear, it’s a disgrace from the original!

    You can argue that a game should be judged on it’s own merits and not on the merits of the game that came before but this game was deliberately made to sucker in fans of DAO.

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