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Remastered PSP Games to Release on PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment announced the PSP Remaster series yesterday. Beginning in Japan, “blockbuster” PSP titles will see physical Blu-ray releases on the PS3. The games are being designed specifically for the PS3 and aren’t just straight ports of the PSP version. There are plans for other regions like the U.S. to get the games as well.

Throughout the system’s life, various PSP games have been ported to the PlayStation 2. Popular games like Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow and Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters were later released for the PS2. Now that trend is evolving to the next generation.

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GHOST TRICK: PHANTOM DETECTIVE is a videogame developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo DS. It was directed by SHU TAKUMI.

Ghost Trick was a game I purchased mainly because of its cover. It is pleasantly odd and unique. Instead of your average collage of floating heads or the game’s protagonist posing menacingly just to show you how much of a badass he or she is, the focal point of Ghost Trick’s cover is a lifeless body in a flaming red suit, with his body slumped over at the shoulders and his buttocks facing the Almighty. This dead body, posed in a comical and somewhat pathetic fashion, is the central point of interest of the picture, his red figure greatly opposing with the generic shadowy town and debris at the background. For the Japanese cover, this is made even more obvious by removing all but the dead body – and, while at it, adding a spotlight illuminating it. The cover I’ve purchased shows the phantom of this dead body rising from this miserable body. With more sober colors, it stands so proud, cool and confident we barely notice his bizarre hairstyle. The contrast is glaring and incredibly effective in conveying the game’s premise: death is too trite an obstacle to stop you.

Shu Takumi certainly seems to think this way. His most famous creation, Phoenix Wright from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, often had to deal with the interferences of the deceased in order to find the truth. Here, however, it is the deceased who has to deal with the shenanigans of the living, who still keep that annoying habit of dying, in order to uncover that “truth”. Read the rest of this entry

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Combo Montage

Unsurprisingly, what this video confirms is that Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is one flashy motherfucker. The game emphasizes style, and it has it in spades. It’s just plain…cool looking. Everyone looks like they’d be fun to play, except for maybe She-Hulk, who looked boring.

I can’t wait to get this in my hands and not be able to do most of these combos.

The way to strength is death

What makes a good sequel?

It’s a question that every developer and every publisher ask themselves more often than they should. What makes a game a good game in a series? A careful balance of the core aspects of the old and new to make the ideas seem fresh, an intelligent person would tell you. Get rid of the bad, and add a couple new things, some good, some, eventually, not so good, and you’ve probably got a good follow-up.

Change too many things, though, and you’ll be reviled for destroying a franchise. Change too little, and you’re doomed to be called copycats of the previous game. Look at Dead Rising 2. It’s the same game as Dead Rising 1, but without the game crippling flaws. And reviewers are docking it left and right for that. They wanted dramatic changes to a winning formula.

Dead Rising is interesting, because the team that made Dead Rising made another game before that. A game which literally skullfucked a respected franchise, and in turn made one of the greatest games of all time. A game which everyone despised at release, because it wasn’t the same as the four relatively bland and generic games that came before it.

I speak, of course, of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.
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DMC reboot runs quiet, runs deep

It’s not every day you get to work Twin Peaks and 80’s hip hop into a title. I think this might be my finest work.

Anyway, today is a good day for action gamers. We’ve got Ninja Gaiden 3 from Team Ninja, fresh off belittling a classic franchise’s heroine. We’ve got Shadow of the Damned, which I have already proclaimed the next big thing. And we’ve got a Devil May Cry reboot from Ninja Theory, development team behind the pretty wretched Heavenly Sword and the supposedly fantastic Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little unsettled at this prospect. I am in no way a hardcore Devil May Cry fan; I’ve only played the odd numbered games in the series, and while I love them (especially the first one), I’m not a hardcore fan. But still, I’m unsettled by it. I always felt like Devil May Cry games were like Raymond Chandler novels where instead of Philip Marlowe being a snarky, intense detective, he instead found some demons and rocked the fuck out. Sure, as a series it’s kind of silly and sarcastic, but it’s got that serious, hot edge, too.

The remake…I don’t know. I don’t know how I feel about reboots, in general. Sure, sometimes you get a franchise that’s been such unrepentant shit for so long that there’s nothing left to do but shoot it in the brain, steal some stem cells, and clone that sucker, but Devil May Cry 4 was (supposedly) a pretty good game. DMC was a franchise on the verge of needing new hands, and it got them, but I get the feeling the new hands are going too far with tearing out the atmosphere and throwing in new, “hip” atmosphere willy-nilly.

(And you know game developers: whatever they think is “hip” usually was hip 10 years ago. It’s why Dante acted like an early 90’s action hero like The Crow.)

So I don’t know. I have mixed feelings about this reboot. Your thoughts?

Review: Dead Rising: Case Zero

I had very mixed feelings about the original Dead Rising. On one hand, I loved. I loved it with a visceral, real love reserved for romance novels, described with gratuitous synonyms for thrusting and grinding. In terms of raw content, it had it all: variety, zombies, and a leveling system encouraged by its new game plus mode.

It was a game that rewarded dicking around for twenty hours before starting the game. It also had (horror of horrors in some people’s opinions) a time limit, which made the game tense and exciting. You didn’t have forever to dick around. You had to be smart, and you had to be methodical.

This all came with one, enormous caveat: if your TV wasn’t the size of a continent, the text was completely illegible. Completely impossible to read. It ruined a fantastic game.

Now along comes Dead Rising: Case Zero, a prequel one shot that sets up the events of Dead Rising 2. Released for 5$ on Xbox Live, it is part demo, part teaser, part standalone experience. And it is a near great game that shows promise of things to come.
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New Okamiden trailer looks like Okami, all right

I don’t know how to feel about Okamiden. On one hand, Okami is one of my all time favorite games, one that I’m destined to replay in the near future. On the other, it was a very self-contained thing, and I don’t know how I feel about it getting a chibified sequel.

But that’s what we’re getting, and I’ll just have to live with it. This new trailer is pretty much more of the old trailers, but with J Pop over it! Personally, it doesn’t have me especially excited, though I’m sure that will change by its release day. I mean, it hits all the buttons, but I don’t quite understand why Okami needs a sequel. Especially since it’s not really a franchised game or anything.

What do you think, internet?

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Video, Characters, Balance, More

If the video above doesn’t get your blood flowing, I don’t know what will. This game looks absolutely insane.

In terms of actual information, Siliconera has an interview with MvC3 producer, Ryoto Niitsuma, which you can read in full here. As per usual, we’ll recap some of the most interesting bits for you right here.

Though there will be no new unique characters for the game (like Amigo or Ruby), each character will have their own unique ending. No word on whether these stories will tie in to the overarching story, though it seems as if the overall plot hasn’t been decided yet. Most characters will be unlocked from the get-go, to avoid tedium–but there will still be some secret, unlockable characters.

It sounds as if Capcom is working hard to make this game actually balanced this time around. Hopefully they are succesful, because with the current known roster,  it would be a shame to be limited to a few competitively viable choices.

SSF4 Zero Damage

If you know what you’re doing, the things possible in this game border on ridiculous. Scrubtalk would dictate that it’s all bullshit, but it’s just balance, baby! Every move can be avoided by something else, if executed and timed correctly. Still, it’s pretty entertaining to watch things that you think would hit, but actually won’t.

55 Best Street Fighter Artworks

M. Bison Zbrush (via Rv_el)

Hongkiat has created a tribute to the Street Fighter franchise, in the form of 55 character pieces. As you can see above, many of them are awe inspiring–so, if you’re a fan, you should definitely take a look! Reproduced here are some of the more realistic approaches.

Guile Rendition (via Michael Ryan Kime)

Sagat SF (via Umagafan84)