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Watch 5 Minutes of Goldeneye Wii Gameplay

You’ll get to see the great briefing UI, Daniel Craig as 007, your partner, 006, improved graphics, as well as see familiar but tweaked level design. Plus many, many Russian accents. And a cover system to boot! It’s a modern game, alright.


A Paean for the Old School Gamer

Like a lot of games journalists, you sit down watching E3 thinking about what you’re going to write. You try to build it up as you go, and write the article in your head. Then, put it on paper.

With Nintendo, I had an initial thought, almost immediately: God, this new Zelda looks awful. The creator can’t even make it work, hell if I can. And it’s not coming out to 2011? Christ almightly, we’re going down disappointment alley, and all the thugs have their knives out.

I don’t know when my mind changed. As cool as it was (expect a whole post later!), Epic Mickey didn’t change my mind. I knew it was going to be cool, and while I didn’t know it would be quite so cool, it couldn’t change my mind. I don’t think it was at Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, which looked pleasant but inoffensive (kind of like Golden Sun as a whole). Kirby: Epic Yarn definitely…got me going, a little bit. But this isn’t a triple A title. This is a title I’d love, for sure, as a Kirby aficionado and a lover of Yoshi’s Story, a game it shares aesthetic similarities with, but it didn’t change my mind.

No, I lied at the beginning of the last paragraph. I know exactly when my mind changed. Donkey Kong Country Returns.
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