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Persona 2 Coming Fall 2011 To North America

It’s official, folks. Turns out that the email Atlus sent last week dated 1999 was hinting at a North American release for the PSP remake of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Up until now, Persona 2 was the only title in the Persona franchise which had not made it to western shores.

Check out the official trailer, here:

This version of the game will host a bevy of new features and improvements. To list a few: the visuals and audio are remastered, the UI has been improved and there are new quests.

”In a world in which rumors are coming true, an unlikely team of citizens must discover and harness a hidden power dormant within each of them if they’re to have any chance of getting to the bottom of this dangerous phenomenon and stopping it before it gets out of control.

The official website can be found here.


Persona 2: Innocent Sin? More like Eternal Punishment!

Now on the list of games we give a shit about: the PSP remake of Persona 2: Innocent Sin.

I mean, it’s not like we care too much about the Persona series or nothing. In fact, there are times where Nightmare Mode might as well be a Persona fan site. And yet, neither myself nor Patricia have played Persona 2. Well, I’ve played parts of both games, but gave up for…mysterious, forgotten reasons. But, soon, that will be no problem, because Persona 2: Innocent Sin (the first half of the series; Eternal Punishment is the second, released in America half) is getting a PSP remake. And we are excited.

Well, I’m excited. And I don’t even own a PSP. Understand that, gentle reader! Anyway, it looks quite snazzy, so it’s something worth keeping on the radar.